The other night, I was walking back from an old-timey pub where a friend and I had a glass of mulled wine over a conversation of elusive themes such as "nationalism", when I came across this zany florist's. I am not sure if those orange orbs are supposed to be floating Easter eggs, or what the arrangement is all about, but it sure caught my attention, and thus makes for today's Poppytalk Color Week post.
I have certain rather naive ideas about the world, one of which is that if a person keeps a garden, they can't be a bad person because their sensitivity has led them to cultivate plants for the mere pleasure of it. I'd also like to think that someone who has an affinity to colour and is not afraid of colour combination can't be all that bad, either. The act of perusing colour and sorting out harmonious shades proves that a person can think of things beyond themselves, in a primitive poetic act. Like the gardener, they are at least making a minimal sacrifice of their time and effort toward a certain goal.
But I know that life is rarely that simple, and that I had better keep such ideas for the children's book I hope to write one day... So for now, on a bright, orange note, I wish you all a happy, fulfilling day!

Elements: stripy paper, embroidery: mnitoko;
vintage photo frame: maybe*mej.