Grey is such an interesting colour. It can be a beautiful backdrop for other colour accents, and there is something to be said for providing a canvas for others to shine on. I consider this concept an ideal - one that  requires a level of consistent maturity. Challenging, indeed. 
Grey is also the colour that some colours fade to, and so it often gets a bad rap for precisely this reason. But in reading about one of my favourite scientists, I noted that he was described towards the end of his life as never laughing out loud, but often making witty remarks as a sparkle glimmered in his eye. I once knew a wonderful Irish man like that, who always wore perfectly shining shoes. There was nothing intimidating or unsettled about him, he was most a most hospitable soul who spent time listening and then saying uplifting things like, Do you know why angels can fly? Because they take themselves so lightly.
Grey is the art of being subdued. There is a nobility in this, but it is a quality that cannot be rushed. There is light in grey, but never enough to make one squint, it is humble enough to play second fiddle.
Does grey connote something positive to you? In any case, grey is today's Poppytalk colour!

Elements: sequins and star paper: pugly pixel;
lace: surfing ant; embroidery: minitoko;
clip art shapre: Velma's.