About Me Et Cetera

This blog is a repository of my thoughts and experiences.

My current moniker, ane pixestos, is taken from the ancient Greek word ανεπιξεστος, which means 'unfinished, not polished.'

That word, to my mind, is loosely connected to the Taoist principle of 朴 which means 'simple, unadorned, sincere, tree.' I think the hubris of modernity could benefit from the creative potential of the 'uncarved block.'

True to my moniker, there are earlier blog posts that I no longer quite agree with. For the most part, they remain here as a sign of the growth that we expect from nature. Sometimes, like Balzac, I edit that which has been published. I consider it possible, if rare, for people to change not merely views but principles in life. I think often of the challenge of the Delphic maxim γνῶθι σεαυτόν and Plato's instruction on the good life. Making something from the nothingness of the self under construction.

The biographically inclined may wish to know that while I began my career in journalism, I've spent over a decade working in higher education, and got my Phd by defending it in a language I can no longer call foreign. The dissertation focused on a romantic idealist whose 19th-century education required familiarity with the classics but also more modern scientific and cultural narratives. I do not understand academics who disregard history or those who fail to understand the power of language.

Most of my life, I have lived as an expat.

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