Should it be possible to revise a blog?

Apparently, Balzac would continue to rewrite some of his works even after they had been published, which meant that subsequent editions could be drastically different. Can I ever relate to that! Not only did he continually rework his writing, but he would even change the genre sometimes, like from conte fantastique to philosophy.

"Balzac would again set to work, amplifying, always adding a feature, a detail, a description, an observation upon manners, a characteristic word, a phrase for effect, uniting the idea more closely with the form, always approaching nearer his interior design, choosing, like a painter, the definite outline from three or four contours." - Gautier in Ashton's Fable of Modern Art

As he continued to work, the early editions would have already been released to the public - just like blog posts are. I often think of reworking old blog posts, but should one go back and edit? The fun in blogging, for me, is that I do not observe any rules, so my blog is like a sketch book. But... not all sketches make good paintings.

And on that note, the psychology of the sketch was introduced during Balzac's time. Under criticism was the working, reworking and even "overworking" of art: "all this civilising and polishing in order not to displease." The artist was meant to go with their instinct, and not worry about the public at all (though they did).

All of this I write by way of introduction to the changes I will be making to the blog over the next few months. I hope this will happen organically... In the mean time, along the lines of the sketch, and "uniting ideas more closely with form," below is a picture of the art that I noticed today.

Spring brings with it the colourful bunting of laundry; we also got some strong winds this afternoon, which left behind a residual of rainbows. Here is a rainbow of laundry - who says one can't air it out in public!
Elements: pugly pixel.

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