The Colour Green

I was having technical difficulties putting this together, and am finding that my cell phone camera is really not the way to go for close-ups. I had compiled a still life of the green things in my flat, but opted in the end to compile some photos I'd already taken.
It is very interesting to look back at photos according to colour; and also understandable why Goethe attempted to come up with a colour theory.
The ancient Greeks, before him, had assigned meaning to colours. Green symbolized victory - which is so interesting: is spring victory over winter?
I know that green crystals are viewed as calming, and that psychologists have noted the calming effects of gazing at greenery.
If my quick web search is right, the Indian chakra association with green is self-love and love for others. These are all ideas that I am happy to report on here.
May we have a good week of love and victory in what is good for ourselves and those around us! Happy week.
This post was put together in honour of spring colour week over at poppytalk.
Tape element and bunting: pugly pixel; doilie frame: minitoko.