Blog Post Titles Are Not Poems

This post will feature some of the more popular recent blog posts (those which were the most read). I am always curious who my readers are, what they look for on this blog, and often I am surprised which posts are the most visited. Do they not make a poem, albeit rather clunky?
So I am not sure if the list below is more a mirror of me, or of my readers, but whichever way you look at it, I hope you will check out the post with the most intriguing title. Or take this time to say hello! Here's to wishing us a fantastic week, filled with serendipity.

how to write
words: what for
in the wildest and most primitive region
eshu and his spanner throwing
academic integrity

let's kind of talk about politics
how much the world has changed
magical realism
finding our homes

blue sky, green sea
unchosen places
the best that we have
household children's wonder stories
this is your life

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