Saving nine? A holiday message of three.

You know that old expression, "A stitch in time saves nine"? It is said that that little rhyme was made to commit to memory the idea that if one stitches up a hole on time, one will save oneself from much grief later.
I think that while I generally apply this concept to life, there are times when I consciously make a mistake or accept defeat, because I'd prefer to let things slide instead of being a paranoid control freak of the present. My wanting to be perfect sometimes just isn't worth it.
So, my response to the stitch in time proverb is: "If one must let go of stitches, one lets flow the serendipity that enriches!" Feel free to comment on this approach.
In any case, a material result of this philosophy can be seen below, in the finished scarf I knit. It did not turn out as it was supposed to - apparently, as I was mastering the particular technique, I forgot the correct needle direction of the knit stitch, which changed the outcome of the pattern. But it was important to me to (a) knit something that was interesting to me and (b) finish a first, full project (my first mini project was this rabbit, where I'd mastered my stitches correctly). So I carried through with what I was doing, even though I saw it contained errors.
What I'd like to say about all this is that while there is a lot of talk about the wabi sabi approach to life, I wonder why it is so hard to implement it. Maybe this is because while awareness of perfection is very important, and makes us into better people, the expectation of perfection can lead to the other side of the coin - ugly trouble.
It is a platitude that we are supposed to enjoy the journey more than the destination, so what's the rush to get it right the first time? Especially if getting it right the first time is more a fault of egotism than the truth of reality...
And thus we arrive at the holiday message, which though more notes to myself, I shall record here as loosely connected to the holiday theme of a new beginning:
1. Accepting imperfection can leave the imagination unimpeded.
2. Beauty is sometimes imperfect.
3. Intention leads us forward, not achievement.
I hope that you are all enjoying this pre-holiday time. Thank you for stopping by.

Elements: velvet corners, fashion frame and bow tie paper: pugly pixel.
Magazine in background: Marie Claire Idees.