Much Love Monday

Greetings, friends! This past week, I finished that scarf I started a while ago, and - heh heh - while I knit a scarf with no gaping mistakes, it did not turn out the way it should have! ...because I knit stitched wrong. So I began to think about mistakes, and thought about all the other frustrating mistakes that can occur (like forgetting not to allow oneself to be belittled by the undeserving).
While it is true that sometimes it is great to have a reality check and account for one's mistakes, sometimes these mistakes are not ours to begin with. And, what is a mistake? Isn't it a natural part of learning? In Celtic languages, the word is loosely connected to "forgetting". So, I propose that mistakes are what happen until we remember how to do something the right way.
And today's post will be about remembering. I love remembering to look for the bright side - because there is sunlight even in the darkest hour, making it's way towards us from the other side; remembering that it's all right to keep getting it wrong if one is trying with a hopeful heart; remembering that all annoyances will just get brushed aside, as if they never existed.
Holidays are particularly a time of remembrance, and perhaps because of the waves of nostalgia or memories that can knock on all of our doors, I have become mindful of the little things I can do for others. I'm not in a position to do much, but smiles, ear-lending, and the attempted joke-in-passing, have always been free. Such little things can even keep one's from one's own sadness in difficult moments.
In the end, all we have is what we have done for others - and by that, I don't mean that zealous, proud giving. What we have is the hope that we will be remembered in someone else's heart, and this is true for all of us, no matter who we are. While it is true that sometimes one's gifts are stomped on, it is important to remember that one was giving because they felt it was the right thing for them to do, and that how the gift is received is sometimes not even a relevant part of the equation.
Well, aren't I the philosopher, all words and limited paycheck. This is probably why I prefer to focus on the small things. And you can see the small things in the photo below: the pom poms I wove into the ends of my scarf.
Small things, anyway, can sometimes be the biggest. So for today's Much Love Monday, I love remembering to pay attention to the small things we can do to make life more special.

Elements: photo frame, shipping tag, dot circle: pugly pixel;
lace butterfly brush: surfing ant;  staples: shabby princess;
magazine in background: Marie Claire Idées.

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