Much Love Monday

Greetings on this bright Monday! By bright, I mean, the brightness of the new week, to which we bring our best selves as we move forwards... Today, on Much Love Monday, I love autumn, or caffeinated, blends.
This weekend, I was inspired by this Autumn Blends post, and this one on Caffeinated Colours; ever since I saw those colours, I have found myself trying to summon them up, for I find them really comforting.
To me, the word "autumn" connotes change; the change from one season to the next. I feel that this is the case in my life right now, that I am changing from one season in life to the next. I wish to say goodbye to feeling too complicated. There is room in this world for all of us, including those of us who have lived somewhere other than the well-beaten path. I think this is true especially if we have made room for others, along the way.
Yesterday evening, I again felt that longing of wanting to be recognised, to gather around myself some piece of the past as I face the future. I think this is also part of autumn, or characteristic of the shared cup of coffee; we gather around us that which is comforting. On this part of the globe, autumn has appeared and marked the beginning of a retreat, which is winter. Even if one embarks on a river boat ride in the middle of winter, with the cold wind against one's cheeks, this boat ride will be with friends.
Sometimes, the blend of our lives changes, different people become close to us, others are close without being near, as we have the faith to allow ourselves to grow. I wouldn't say that growing is always a straight line of progress, rather, steps can be taken back and not just forwards. But the point is in having the freedom to make mistakes - for this is how we learn. There is something to be said for being free towards ourselves, and allowing others this same freedom. This, to me, is an autumn blend, or caffeinated colours. Mustard yellows, muted reds, pale olive greens - each colour is a sophisticated blend of itself.
It is energetic yet centered; social yet private. There is space for those who want to gather round, and share a cup of java. Will you join me?

Elements: bambi: minitoko; flags: Jeff Canham via Poppytalk
bowtie paper, ribbon, ric rac, graph paper, medallion: pugly pixel.