Much Love Monday

Today I would like to praise Much Love Monday for providing such an inspirational rubric. How fun it is each week to think of something new to focus on, with the restriction of having a heart in it. This week, I love windows and doors. One of my favourite verses is from Philip Larkin's High Windows:
Rather than words comes the thought of high windows:   
The sun-comprehending glass,
And beyond it, the deep blue air, that shows
Nothing, and is nowhere, and is endless.
There is much symbolism to doors and windows: they are openings, entryways, portals. Windows are like the eyes to houses: the word window itself in Old Norse meant wind eye, and in Old English, eye door. Clear windows can represent clarity of vision and thought.
Doors create impressions of what lies beyond, and being granted access to a door is of special significance. In literature, doors have often represent change (that which lets things in and out); to walk through a door can mean taking the opportunity to make a difference.
Are we sitting at the window, in a restricted, aloof manner, or walking through the door this week?

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Windows              Charles Baudelaire
Looking from outside into an open window one never sees as much as when one looks through a closed window. There is nothing more profound, more mysterious, more pregnant, more insidious, more dazzling than a window lighted by a single candle. What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what goes on behind a windowpane. In that black or luminous square life lives, life dreams, life suffers.
Across the ocean of roofs I can see a middle-aged woman, her face already lined, who is forever bending over something and who never goes out. Out of her face, her dress, and her gestures, our of practically nothing at all, I have made up this woman's story, or rather legend, and sometimes I tell it to myself and weep.
If it had been and old man I could have made up his just as well.
And I go to bed proud to have lived and to have suffered in some one besides myself.
Perhaps you will say "Are you sure that your story is the really one?" But what does it matter what reality is outside myself, so long as it has helped me to live, to feel that I am, and what I am?