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I have long deliberated over what it means to keep up appearances. When I was a child, I would write about this theme on legal pad after legal pad (my stationary of choice back then). I would observe the adults around me, and write my analyses in my undecided handwriting (was it loopy American style, or the telegraphic print we were encouraged to use in school?).
All of that early thinking led me to consider themes related to happiness and success. I decided that adhering strictly to a career track was not for me, because it was important for me to figure out what did make me happy - an attitude which is indicative of many of my generation, still anchored with a strong work ethic, but rather adventurous.
Leaving the job loop I was trained for, I lost many valuable contacts and had to begin again (and again). It became hard to explain to people why I had made certain decisions, especially since I didn't always have the answer. I just thought that since I had seen the underbelly of reason-driven lives, it couldn't hurt to let intuition drive me.
But the day came when I realised that appearance also matters and that resume grooming is just like getting dressed in the morning. I can't shake the feeling that some of this is so artificial (from my position in academia, I can't believe the kinds of papers that get published sometimes, and I reject having to prove myself that way), but my rebellious nature doesn't always do me any favours. That being said, I think it has contributed to my understanding of this subject!
I think what gets in the way of people being more communicative is isolationism. Because just as we continue to branch out, we will also be limiting in our reach. Also, isolationism clearly explains what happens when people feel under pressure economically: there is an impulse to draw back, however, this also works as a metaphor to explain what happens when we need to check out of the fast lane in order to tend to ourselves. I think there will always be the battle of finding the middle way between tending to roots and branching out - but I think that the best dialogues will acknowledge this stress.
After I wrote the last blog post, I realised that what matters even if we are seeking to innovate is whether we are accepting of what the terms of contemporary society are, and at least making a consistent effort to be a part of it.

  Elements: flower texture backdrop: Mellowmint; cloudy texture: SKC Photography;
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