Much Love on Much Love Monday

Is it old fashioned to want to share one's traditional celebrations, and learn about those of others? If you don't think so, please read on to what I love on this week's Much Love Monday.
This Easter, I made eggs in the traditional way for this part of the world, in onion peel, which leaves the eggs in a most brilliant red.
The photos here are of eggs I made a few years ago, when I melted bees' wax and decorated the eggs using an old ink quill. Eggs are not painted on so much as they are written on, in a script of symbols that remind me of the geometry of Native American rock art.
I love writing, but more than that, I love the symbolic writing that is transcended in a shared act. Where I live, friends and family gather to crack each others eggs, which represent the shattering of Hades and the resurrection. In other words, writing that leads to great love and a wonderful togetherness.
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