Much Love Monday

Today for Much Love Monday, I love perspective in Chinese art.
On a most basic level, it took a focused perspective to realise that there was a heart-shaped leaf in this Chinese decorative piece that has somehow remained with me throughout the years.
What I love so much about Chinese landscape paintings is that there are three perspectives: the bigger picture; the vast distances, and the detailed close-ups. As a child, I could only see those paintings as drab greyness. It takes maturity to see intricacy.
On this note, Frank Herbert writes in Dune: "If you can't change something, change the way you look at it." This maxim has also stayed with me throughout the years, as there are so many applications for it.
An example could be not to focus on righteous indignation as the motive for one's words and actions, and instead observe the details of the provocateur: they are usually caught in their own whirlwind. Since it is usually best to avoid getting caught in storms, one has the choice to move away from those details and embrace the bigger picture.
Of course, were there fixed rules for every situation, there would be little to learn here on earth. What I can write with certainty is that part of what makes this experience more dynamic and enjoyable is appreciating the interplay of vast distances, the detailed close-ups and the bigger picture.

Elements: Envelope, doily, ledger paper: pugly pixel ;
buttons and colourful paper scraps: minitoko ; dried flowers: zeldona at mellowmint .

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