In Memoriam

This post is to mark a place where artist Gandalf Gavan has in my mind and heart. His passing struck such a chord that I wanted to share my memory of him by mentioning him here.
When I was young I considered myself awkward and Gandalf was one of my few peers who helped me feel at ease; even though he may have been over two meters tall, no one felt he hovered over them. Thinking of his laugh now could make me cry, together with his readiness to talk about all kinds of subjects, deep and shallow. Back in the day, his sculptures often seemed to involve moving very large and heavy sheets of rock, like marble. I hope that his loads are much lighter now.
The picture below was taken in Central Park when we were students. I can no longer remember whose idea it was that we buy donuts but I am pretty sure that we had chosen to eat one to make a point of some kind. Maybe because of the decorated circle, something out of nothing, like ideas...
Gandalf is the kind of person you would look forward to having your next conversation with and who is an inspiration to think of. His memory is an inspiration. But I miss him. Вјечнаја памјат.

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