what river mouths say

Speaking is negotiating - it is slightly more complicated than just having a message, and trying to determine which of the "roads to Rome" the interlocutor will be able to pick up on.
Because, sometimes people do not want to go to Rome. So if one's overall goal is peace - if one sees peace as priceless, and even more important than delivering the message, one will change tactics if one sees one's interlocutor is resistant.
So much depends on the good will of the interlocutor. Even Kant put good will at the top of the list of ethical imperatives. Kant, problematic Kant. If there is no good will, no matter on what level - that of a conversation, or that of much larger dialogues, on national or ethnic levels, true exchange cannot happen. Where there is aggressive power, the treasures must be hidden away, out of the sunlight.
To struggle for words is like trying to find groundwater from above ground. We all know groundwater comes from above ground sources, like springs. But there are times when it disappears through soil pores and fractures, before it eventually flows back to the surface, naturally. The fractures can be what happens when we do not have the right interlocutor. We can doubt ourselves, and go down the wrong path, a path of hurt and disappointment. The pores can be our own breathing, which changes when we are hurt.
Chinese medicine shows that when we are hurt, our circulation is cut off, and all kinds of sickness can occur. Ditto for when we are not able to communicate normally, due to some form of aggression or ill will.
In contrast to this, is when there is free exchange, when people have time and tolerance for people who are different - who we never have to agree with, but do have the obligation to listen to, to be understanding towards. Explanations are not excuses; there need be no tacit consent, but just an attempt to broaden one's heart. Not everyone wants to go to "Rome."
To exchange in this way, for there to be a forum of messages received - is this not like joining the mouth of the river or the mouth of the spring? There, they flow into other rivers, streams, lakes, seas, oceans... The river mouth says that speaking is an act of exchange, an act of becoming part of something bigger. Anytime one does not feel this rush of increased wealth, one knows, the treasure is being hidden, it has become groundwater. But the water cannot disappear. Water is the essence of life. Our bodies are mostly water...
These are facts. And while what the river mouths tell us may sound ideal, reality shows us that sometimes, the water source retreats underground. This can betray and confuse the child. But, if the child is attentive to the tides of the waters within, all is eventually revealed.

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