Happy thoughts

Dear readers, I would like in this post to gallantly brush away all those little social problems that can pile up. I have been thinking about how friendship works. You know in the initial phase, if you've travelled a lot, you become hyper aware of all the miscommunication that can occur? And sometimes it does, and there comes a moment when you realise, you just have to let it run its course.
And now I will tell you a secret. Let it run its course.
We are often drawn to each other for reasons we cannot quite explain: it is not always very logical or straight forward. There is a lot about communication that is awe-some.
When we are young, our instincts towards others don't work as well as they could. We may be drawn to people for external reasons - who look a certain way or posses what we think we want. They will teach us many lessons quickly, and that can all be quite painful, but the more I look around, the more I see that given that we are not immortal, there may be more meaning and strength in that than we are prepared to admit. Living life to the hilt, being social, does not mean living carelessly, but it means taking responsibility for our lessons, and learning how to see who our friends are.
In so many ways, friendship is illogical. Like the Little Prince's rose, we aren't always the Most Representative Friend to our friends, but they like us because we are theirs! Also, our instincts, or feelings, about others help us sense what the bigger picture is of who they are, so we are not so caught up on their faults, and vice versa.
That said, as we grow as human beings, we learn to be friendly even with those we are not friends with - and this has to do with good will. We realise that life is much more beautiful if we give others the benefit of the doubt. It's a great feeling to be had when we extend this to someone else, even if they don't do the same in return, because at least we know we've tried to do the right thing.
So, if we see miscommunication develop into misunderstanding, this means that it is also being knit that way by the Other Side. Let them knit that ugly blanket if they must, they are unnecessarily complicating their own lives - but let them do it! It's their free will.
If, however, we are given the time to explain ourselves, we have a reason to be thankful. People are busy. Also, sometimes our story simply doesn't fit in another person's story, and there is nothing wrong with that. It's like sowing seeds: not all of them take, it's the law of nature, and nothing personal. Why would it be?
...If we are sociable beings - like little bees - we want to make the best possible honey, which means flying far away to other flower fields. Some of my most valuable lessons have come to me from people far away, or who are far away now, but they have so enriched my life that they are woven into my daily thoughts and experiences.
It is a beautiful life. It is also a short one. We are here to make as much beauty as we can. There is no need to be afraid or sad, just attentive and studious - and joyful. To face the world with a smile is to watch so many problems disperse of their own accord. May we always be filled with love and hope.
You may choose to listen to this, by way of soundtrack!

Elements: flower fram: maybemej; buttons: minitoko;
velvet corners, paper: pugly pixel.