movie break

This weekend, I watched the movie Honey and Clover (see here for a version with French subtitles) - and didn't expect that it would address the idealism of art vs. the realities of the world.
When a work of art is set afire, one of the protagonists proclaims: It's only money that's burning, but not my art; at a certain point, it stopped being my art [when it went on sale, though unfinished]I loved the metaphors of longing and idealism that were addressed in the film. While I've learned that maturity can sometimes mean modifying one's vision to fit the needs of a situation, it is ideals that keep the heart young. 

Ideals aside, I would characterise the movie as one of motion. It was hard to do screenshots, because part of the charm was in watching the segues from one frame to another.

Life is full of movement - so much movement, that we may forget where we are going. But I hope none of us forgets our ideals as time goes on. For it is our idealism that informs us how to go forward, not our material concerns, not the rotten wood. Happy holiday season!

Elements: film frame: volframia.