costs and benefits

Yesterday, I went far into the country, and relished in the various unexpected surprises, like a serendipitous detour to see dear ones. And in their house, which I will ask to photograph one day for this blog (anonymous artists who make rooms that look like clouds and candyfloss to match their teenagers' dreams), we sat and drew conversation out from small beginnings. It soon became clear that as we meander along in life, we can all benefit from occasionally reassessing our values and priorities.
For instance, we discussed the cost of studies. In this situation, both students and teachers can abuse each other - even in the guise of being dedicated to the task. It is therefore important to determine what one's goals are in a given situation.
Students may slave over text books only to be asked to parrot back the information, in which case the learning done is only of the most superficial kind. By contrast, lecturers may be provoked to answer an arsenal of questions not so that the askers will better understand the material, but so that the class may be interrupted and disabled.
These examples show many things: the difference between appearance and reality and the concept of value. The examples also demonstrate that if one is sweating way too much in pursuit of an elusive goal which keeps getting confused, one might not be doing something right. The old habits may have to be changed, and it remains to be asked: Is there not a simpler way?
But this is not to be confused with that super dark, tiring time before daybreak: that time that happens when we have embarked on a labour of love, and journeyed and walked, but can't yet see respite. This situation was written about most beautifully in this week's Modern Love column, The Magi at 10,000 Feet. If we know our hearts are in the right place, if our heartbeats do not fall on deaf ears, it is helpful to be reminded that making sacrifices makes sense. It can be very beautiful and life defining to have something worth fighting for. The most beautiful of things will always have their price.

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