My humanity, and my hope in it

My feeling for humanity can be minimal when I feel that I am surrounded by the closed-minded who are closing in on me. I try to train myself to remember at such times that (a) I may be wrong in my assessment; (b) unexpected allies can appear when least expected; (c) doing my aggressors good frees me of my ill will. I also try to remember that I need to respect that I may need time before I can do good: there is a process involved in going from being hurt, to brushing the situation off and moving on in life. No one wants to be stuck in the mud, but it is unrealistic to pretend that sometimes we aren't pushed in it. This is most important, because understanding this is the difference between being naive and having the upper hand.
Today, I was reading about "humanity" again. Who would argue against freedom, toleration, mutual love and respect between individuals and societies, as well as physical and spiritual health, finer perceptions? But universal ideals are said to be hegemonic, "as proved by" the Empires of yesteryear (though it seems unfair to equate universal ideals with politics) and cultural relativism has made a moot point of even considering what a universal ideal society would look like. There is no coherent structure to society, there is no Logos, just a chaos of words. One can seem so naive in hoping for common experience, in believing in a greater, common good in this day and age.
But I think the truth of our age lies in the fact that we continue to have agency. Yes, multinational States have been built, and yes, it seems that there is a lot of hegemonic ordering going on despite so many relativistic claims. But hasn't it always been the case that phusis kruptesthai philei? Has the human experience ever not been staged in a labyrinth? Isn't it up to us whether we make our way out?
The "humanitarian" values I espouse include voluntary respect and creativity. I think it crucial that we not crush our fellow man. As Dostoevsky wrote, kudos to he who would sacrifice himself, not others, in the name of a given cause. I am trying to learn not to sacrifice others in the name of righteous indignation. I try to see where something good and creative can be done.
Believing that there is order to the world does not mean that we will - or even should - have total control over what goes on around us. Sometimes, and even for long periods of time, difficult things can happen to us, causing us to doubt ourselves to our very core. But it is important not to stop there, and to realise that people are just being who they are. Sometimes when they step all over us, they don't mean to. It's all right to signal to such people that our respect for them doesn't exclude our respect for ourselves; it is recommended to avoid such people where possible... but it does us no good to be angry. More than once, when I've forgiven my aggressors and done them good, they've surprised me and come to my aid when I've least expected it. This is why I have hope (not belief) in humanity.

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