Much Love Monday

Today for Much Love Monday I love going to the countryside. When I go, I visit a kindhearted granny, who lives in a house surrounded by birch trees, near to an old cobbled road that leads to storybook houses and an old villa. She keeps a few chickens and ducks, who took very enthusiastic baths while I was there. I also spent time eying the rooster, who eyed me back.

When I spent time with the granny, we talk for hours on end, and I am always amazed by her encyclopedic knowledge of all the characters one can encounter in small-town life. The woman who started each day with a glass of plum brandy; an orphan who went to work early in the mines but whose good character led his boss to take to him and find him a better job; the granny who would make milk products in the morning, then carry her goods on her back to the nearby town, where she would climb the stairwells of numberless buildings, bringing her goods to her longtime customers.

The countryside to me represents a different time zone from the city; there is time for stories, time to listen to the wind, or notice the changing patterns of the shadows as the day passes. The granny's days of sitting outside watching the world go by have brought her a renewed attention to detail. She pointed to a plane, which could be heard only once it had passed above us.

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