Much Love Monday and Travel Note

For today's Much Love Monday, I love vacations with travel.
Sometimes, even when it is not vacation time, it is refreshing to remind oneself of other lands, and that life can transpire in more than one way.
What is exciting to me about vacations with travel is when the trip happens unexpectedly. Initially, I did not anticipate that I would have a summer holiday this year, but what with a friend in Greece and etc, the holiday door was swung wide open.
I'd read several years back, in either The Secret Door to Success or The Game of Life and How to Play It, that even if there is no reason for one to expect good things, one should prepare for them. An example given to illustrate this point was of a person who had wanted to go on  holiday, but didn't have enough money for travel. So, this person spent the money they did have on a suitcase and a bathing suit (or something like this). Then, it happened that this person did get a chance to go on holiday - and was prepared for it. I often think of this example, not because I am a fan of magical thinking, though my citing books with the titles above may make one think otherwise, but because I don't think I have anything to lose by hoping for the best.
Now, isn't that a thought vacation!

 Elements: buttons and embroidery: minitoko;
honeycomb paper, envelope, dots, sequins, doily, shipping tag: pugly pixel;
background of photo: marie claire idees.

As I will be travelling, I am not sure how often I will be able to update this blog. Please count on me being back in about two weeks' time, and my posting vacation posts if I am able before then!