Think Pink?

It is interesting to me how colours can be so charged with meaning that it can become hard to dissociate the word from its cultural mask. I tried just now to find the origin of the phrase think pink, it seems to have emerged after WWII as part of a drive to have women return from the (previously masculine) work positions they had assumed during the war to the kitchen. Enter Audrey Hepburn and Funny Face - with that wonderful number Think Pink (do watch it again!).
Perhaps it is not surprising that so many of us were not fans of the colour when we were young. We may have been subconsciously rebelling against what the colour stood for. What do you think?
I like pink now, and even wear it - voluntarily! But of course, I am old enough to negotiate the space around me the way I see fit. And I would like to think that this liberty is representative of this era: that women, if we are careful and smart, can blossom whichever way we like. Dorothy Parker's "Men don't make passes at women who wear glasses," becomes antiquated in a decade when some women don black-rimmed glasses for fun.
Anyway, pink is a beautiful colour, and there was once even some kind of pink decorative grass people would plant in their gardens, part of the "decorative pinks" family, which, incidentally, include some flowers once used to flavour beer or wine.
And these images conjure pictures of summertime; lawns, friendly gatherings, good times. Below is a photo to match, which I submit, again in my own way, as part of Poppytalk's Summer Colours Week.

Elements: Starbursts and frame: pugly pixel; bird icon: curbly.

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