The watched pot

Yesterday I went to another country to visit a friend for the day. It seemed that it would be so far, and that it would be at great expense to the work schedule I am trying most unsuccessfully to stick to. But, I did get some quality reading done on the bus - and it was of the meditative kind, where the concepts seem to crystalise in the mind - so instead of being in the book, the ideas are now in my mind, waiting for me to make use of them.
I read that this often happened to Maxwell, who in addition to being a great scientist of his age, was also a very attentive friend (nursing the sick, paying visits, setting exercises to help others' academic development). Often, on his walks back from these visits, new ideas would come to him.
Perhaps the true lesson here is of divine nature, which I will leave to my readers to decode.
But the short of it is what the folk have known throughout the ages: the watched pot never boils. Being miserly with time makes it shrink and thin away. To not worry about time as a category, but to focus on the task at hand, the choice of task has been hinted at above, this is the way to the banquet table.

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