The Small

Small things, like animals, require time for trust to be gained.
This, opposed to the world of Interest, as in Personal Interest.
But, what of that which is of interest?
So much of this resides in the small things, or what some might call the free things, though is anything really free? The person enjoying the dusk breeze has forfeited being in an office, attempting to build an empire of sorts. To enjoy the birds, one gives one's time, one's attention. It is give and take.
When I notice beautiful things on my walks, I imagine that I am storing them away in a treasure box, for a rainy day. Those are little things. 
Big things are visible, people have expectations of them, those people will be vocal if they are not met; the big is heavy, it is weighed down by its own definition.
Demands are less likely to be made on the little, which says, But I'm little!
In the spirit of free association, this all reminds me of one of Epictetus' Golden Sayings. It has to do with power and prestige. As far as I remember, he writes: do not be dissatisfied if you are not called to the great banquets, and you are at home eating your cabbage: you will not have to have paid the steep price that is being obsequious: you will have your honour, and you will have your freedom of mind.

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