A stitch in time saves nine

I just realised when I was checking the etymology of this proverb that it sums up Lao Tzu's LXIII, part of which explains: "Lay plans for the accomplishment of the difficult before it becomes difficult; make something big by starting with it when small."

Hence the beauty and succinctness of folk wisdom, packaged in false rhymes, easy to remember. I often think of that scene in Amelie Poulain where the waitress tests the character of the young man Amelie was seeking - by asking him to finish off a string of various proverbs. "My family taught me that a man who knows his proverbs cannot be all bad." It is funny, and by that I mean not funny, how such basic wisdom is often disregarded or forgotten.

But back to the basics. Earlier this evening, I embarked on my first ever crochet project, inspired by the goodknits project to make a bookmark (what better way to hook the bookworm on handicraft) with unique buttons. What a brilliant project. I have been bookmarking granny square tutorials for some time now, but this was the project that got me to the zipper, ribbon and skein store to purchase the required tools and materials - minus the buttons as I think you can see.

So, here is the finished project, with uneven chains, but I am hooked (don't you love puns?)! It was really easy to go from this project to little projects explained through youtube tutorials.

Nothing teaches us about life's wisdom quite so much as basic activities.

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